St. Catherine's Art Show

I know its been awhile but I've been extremely busy the past month trying to get my self situated with some new and exciting upcoming projects (story for another post). 

Regardless, I recently was just part of an art show which was by far the largest one I have ever had the pleasure of showcasing my work.  Held at the well known St. Catherines church in Ringwood New Jersey, I entered four pieces in total to be displayed amongst the 750 other entries.  Three landscape shots that I had taken while in Ireland as well as here, home in New Jersey (posted below), were the main entries I intended to present.  On a last second whim I decided to showcase some of my writing as well.  I write down thoughts and feelings randomly as they come usually in my phone since everyone almost always has it on them haha.  Shockingly out of all my pieces of art, the poem is the one that sold!  

Needless to say the overall experience was a great time to be apart of.  I met so many other talented artists and saw so many unbelievable creatives bring their dreams to life in many different platforms.  The overall event was very well put together, they had champagne as you were greeted at the door and a special hour for an artist meet and greet.  The three day long event surprisingly had decent to above average hors d'oeuvres being served and a constant flowing supply of white and red wine.  They truly turned this church into a gallery of beautiful master pieces.

In conclusion I will most definitely be taking part in the event again next year as well as coming years.  I may even give some thought to joining the committee who helped put it all together.

The Beginning of it All

This is my first time putting my thoughts and feelings onto such a public forum.  Slightly scary, I won't lie, but I have decided to completely revamp my website due to growth.  I have been self-teaching photography for the past two years, with some lessons from a mentor and very close friend of mine @typoland.  He has helped guide me to elevate a passion of mine to the next level.  After a few years of simply creating content as a hobby I realized my personal growth had reached the potential that it deserved.  I wanted to not only create content for myself to enjoy but for others who could revel in creativity and be inspired by the stories I wanted to portray.